What NOT to do...

Lookin' GOOD!

Need under-cabinet lights
Let there be (under-cabinet) light!
Under-cabinet lighting
And there was.
Unenclosed closet fixture

Closet fixtures MUST be enclosed & away from shelves!

Junction box
A brand new junction box with the hot (black), neutral (white), & ground (copper) wires all ready to go!
Extension cords are not permanent wiring
Extension cords should never be used as a permanent way to electrify, not even your garage door.
Habitat for Humanity

Volunteer wire mob at the East Montpelier Habitat house.

Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI) needed
If you want an outlet outdoors, you MUST install a Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI) and an in-use cover!
Rewiring an old house

Rewiring an old house in Montpelier.

Poorly spliced old knob & tube
Old knob & tube spliced together with electrical tape. Uh-oh!
Female electricians in VT.
Female electricians in Vermont.
Fire hazard
A fixture without a box is a big no-no...and a fire hazard, to say the least.
Old vs new wiring
Out with the old wiring (on the right), and in with the new (on the left)!
Wattage of bulb too high
The wattage of the bulb is too high; it melted the fixture! (It's also the wrong type of bulb for a recessed can.)
New electrical service

Putting in new electrical service.

Shocking bare wire
All splices MUST be in junction boxes. Touching that bare wire would be shocking...
Female electrician

On the job in Central Vermont.

Mouse-eaten wires
Well, at least the mouse won't go hungry...
John Wooden quote
Words to live by.

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